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Perfect audio for your venue is no longer an elusive dream. With CLP Audio & Staging and its Professional Audio Consulting Services, you will be living in sonic bliss. This service offers a full package of comprehensive sound solutions, and you will receive top-notch training and consulting that are tailored to meet your needs. Our team, headed up by legendary figure JR Everhart, provides guidance on everything from training to maintenance and support in the world of professional live sound engineering.

Furthermore, our services don’t stop there; with our creative consulting, we can help create the ideal atmosphere for your music venue or church. We bring peace of mind to our clients by running acoustical tests and detailed reviews so that you can trust us to do all the hard work while you relax knowing the audio quality is being taken care of from start to finish.

Let CLP Audio & Staging LLC show you what real sound engineering services can provide in terms of enhancing your audio experience. When you combine true passion with decades of expertise – legendary figures like JR Everhart – magic happens when it comes to enjoying great-sounding music!

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