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For top-notch bands and live music venues looking for the best sound possible, look no further than CLP Audio & Staging LLC. We’ve been creating magical memories through expert sound engineering for decades and you can be confident that when we work with you, your event will sound better than ever.

And who do we have at the controls? Well, look no further than a legendary figure in the audio production world, JR Everhart! With over 30 years of experience to his name, he has perfected his craft to bring out the best in any musical performance. On top of that, he is known far and wide as one of the most passionate people in the industry—he truly lives and breathes live sound!

JR’s steadfast dedication to excellence means you’ll always get superior levels of service with CLP Audio & Staging LLC; he won’t let less-than-perfect work slip through his fingers. With us on your side every step of the way, your special event will be sure to rock – both musically and audibly! So don’t wait another moment; hire us today for peak performance audio engineering services and make your event something special.

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